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With Donata as your hostess, you will never feel like a tourist in Venice. She will share with you her passion for the city as she would with a personal guest. She will bring a sense of excitement and purpose to your visit. She will create an atmosphere that is friendly and relaxed, and where things are done with courtesy and taste.

Over the past few years Donata has designed itineraries in Venice and the surrounding countryside to suit the needs and interests of individuals, families or small groups that are looking for more than a hurried rush through the city as they tick off a list of things to do and places to see. Venice is always a visual treat. But behind the glorious façade is a rich, vibrant and magical city that Donata knows like no one else. She will help you pursue your interests, indulge in your favorite pastimes, make new friends and form lasting memories.

And always with an eye and ear to your special desires. You are interested in architecture? Donata will arrange a visit to a private Palladian villa. Contemporary art is your thing? She will take you to the studios of the best artists in town. You enjoy the outdoors? She will organize an excursion in the lagoon or the countryside. You like to cook? She will introduce you to Venetian cuisine. And if you love to shop, well, she knows where to take you.

How does she do it? By simply being herself.

Donata Grimani
Born in one the most storied Venetian families (the Grimani were among the founders of Venice and gave three doges to the Republic), Donata has always felt a deep affection for the city where she has raised her three children and where her family has lived uninterruptedly for the past nine hundred years. She lives on the top floor of Palazzo Grimani, the family palace on the Grand Canal at San Tomà, where she likes to entertain old friends and new visitors. Her enthusiasm, her knowledge of the city and her rich network of connections will make your stay in Venice a memorable one.

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Special thanks for the texts to Andrea Robilant and for the pictures to Mark E. Smith and Jaakko Heikkilä