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A typical itinerary will begin with a conversation by phone or email so that Donata can focus on the needs and interests of the client. Together they will sketch out an itinerary with places to see, events to attend and people to meet. Donata relies on a network of specialists: art critics, artists, historians, writers, garden experts, musicians, winemakers or simply old Venetian friends who know the city well. Her aim is to match you with the person most suited for you, whether it is to take you out in the lagoon for a lunch of fried seafood, accompany you to a private library or art collection, visit a private villa on the mainland or simply meeting up for conversation and an aperitivo at an outside café in a beautiful campo. Donata is always eager to show you her city in the most interesting light, and that means introducing you to the people who make Venice so unique.  In a very real way, she wants her friends to become your friends. VIEW A SAMPLE 1-WEEK ITINERARY

“First of all, thank you for a fantastic arrangement, great memories and nice reception! We all truly enjoyed the taste of Venice and Vicenza and in particular the “family-wise” ambiance under which we got to travel the region.”

Ola Erici (Sweden)

The following are possible itineraries arranged by field of interest. Most visitors have a variety of interests and in the end most itineraries tend to be mix of different experiences.


A visit to significant sights where the history of the Republic was shaped over the course of a thousand years, starting from the lost islands in the lagoon where the Venetian civilization was born and following the trail across the centuries to famous and lesser-known landmarks. The aim is to provide an engaging and visual narrative about the history of Venice, with the guidance of eminent historians who will join the group for a walk or a meal.

The magic of the Lagoon 

A meandering journey in what is still a pristine environmental paradise. There will be excursions to the fabled fishing and hunting preserves in the marshlands of the Venetian lagoon, visits to the orchards and vineyards on the islands where some of the best local produce are grown, and delicious gastronomical stops to savor the sea food and the wines of the lagoon – not to mention the famous artichokes of the island of Sant’Erasmo.

 Palladio’s world 

A tour in Venice and the Veneto to see the masterpieces of the great Renaissance architect as well as some of the lesser-known villas he designed. Many Palladian villas are still in private hands. In some cases it will be possible to meet the current owners, have a meal or even spend the night in a Palladian villa. A trip to Vicenza, the Palladian city par excellence, is a must.

 Wines of the Veneto 

The hills of the Veneto are covered with vineyards that produce some of the best wines in Italy. There can be no greater pleasure for the wine lover than to visit some of the great wineries, meet innovative winemakers, taste the wonderful whites and reds of the region on a journey at once pleasurable and instructive. The Veneto is also the region of prosecco, which will provide the extra sparkle on this trip.

 Secret gardens 

Venice is full of lovely gardens - hidden gems tucked away behind crumbling walls that will enchant you. But it is around the great villas on the mainland that the Venetian garden reached its full splendor in the days of the Republic. Many of these magnificent gardens are still thriving and the owners will happily welcome you for a visit and a meal al fresco, perhaps in the company of a garden expert or an author of garden books.

 The sound of music 

Venice was and is a city of music. Great composers and musicians and singers all came together in the famous schools, the churches and the concert halls. Today, music is still everywhere in Venice and the music lover can simply walk into a church to hear a first-rate Baroque concert, listen to a delightful string quartet in the music room of a Venetian palazzo or attend a lavish production of an opera at La Fenice.

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Special thanks for the texts to Andrea Robilant and for the pictures to Mark E. Smith and Jaakko Heikkilä